Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Instagram launches new video chat feature. Know how to use?

Instagram- If you find a reason to spend more time on Instagram. So now the company has released new features for you. Instagram has announced a new feature that includes video chat, Explore page on topic channels and include new camera effects The company had teased this new chat filter during the Facebook F8 conference last month And the company decided to release it under Instagram Direct

Instagram New IGTV app

With this new feature, you can chat with every 1 user Who has enabled direct message. And the special thing about this feature is that you can add 4 users on 1 time To start a call you have to go to the Inbox. Tap on the camera icon and after that, your friend has your call notification mean your call notification Will go to your friend

And the special thing about this feature is that it gives you permission for multitasking. So you are on a video chat you can minimize your chat and browse page and post your story

Together with video chatting, Instagram has introduced an updated explorer page In this new update photos and videos will be added to a topic channel where you can see it according to your choice According to Instagram this feature helps to users to navigate page smoothly the new channel also include the list of hashtags. The company that thinks it will help the user to explore according to their choice

Apart from this users have getting new camera filters like Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, BuzzFeed, Liza Koshy and designed by NBA

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