Monday, 9 July 2018

Waymo self driving Cars - The best self driving car

Waymo self driving cars If you are interested in self-driving cars then this is the right place for you to knowing more about it. Today I talk about Waymo self-driving car the best self-driving car This looks like an everyday car and thats a good thing for self-driving cars

best self-driving car

Waymo Best self driving car 2018

self driving cars You've heard of 'em, right  if I talk about system in Waymo self-driving car there are three main systems first Radar second lightdar third 360 Cameras this car have many of cameras in left-right forward backward and many of radar and the work of the radar is what the distance of obstacle and moving or not and the work of the ladar is how many distances in ladar or the tree and ladar are on every corner of Waymo self-driving car when car are on road this ladar are spin fastly to collect the pieces of information and the brain of the car is on boot this is very interesting about it you just sit and start car and this Waymo self-driving car reach you to your destination place 

Waymo self driving cars

Where is Waymo?

Waymo is currently located on us its primary testing grounds are Mountain View, California and the metro Phoenix area in Arizona. Waymo has been driven in 25 US cities all told and is coming to Atlanta soon.