Monday, 2 July 2018

WhatsApp now admin can decide who can send message in group

Whatsaap has a new feature for the group admins now the WhatsApp group admins will have right that he will be able to decide who will send messages to the group and who will not. Now, this feature has Rolled Out only for IOS. And soon it will be rollout for Android and Windows Phone users This feature is available on the 2.18.70 version of iOS.

How They Work

There is a new option 'Send Messages' in Group Settings in WhatsApp. There are two option on tabbing on this First 'All Participant' means all members of the group can send the message and the second 'only admin' in which only the group admin can message With this, all the members of the group can only see the message, but can not respond to it.

However, this feature will only work if there is only one admin in a group. If there is more than one admin in a group, then the 'group setting' option will not be available.