Anime is one of the most popular forms of animation that originated in Japan in the early 90s. Over the course of time, anime adapted to the newer cultures and trends to produce even more exciting content for its audience. Soon after its initial years, we started to see anime of different genres to cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. 

It rapidly helped this Japanese form of animation become famous globally. And now it’s the most-watched style of animation that people see all around the world. Romance is one of the genres of anime and is quite famous among teens as well as adults. All due to its expressive and heart-touching storylines that either drive you crazy or let you stay delighted. So, in this article, we will be exploring some unique romance anime that is around 12 episodes long. Which also features some of the best romance sequences in recent times. 

12 Episode Romance Anime List


High School DxD features one male protagonist whose name is Issei Hyoudou. He was deliberately killed by the girl he went on his first date with. Issei Hyoudou’s sudden death made his date his first and last in his mortal life. Until he was resurrected to serve the lady demon, named Rias Gremory, as a servant. From here onwards, Issei Hyoudou starts his new adventurous life with Rias and her acquaintances. 

Issei dwells in different demonic reals and leaves no opportunity to impress his master since he starts to fall in love with Rias. The storyline of High School is a mix of both worlds. It’s not limited to romance only and boasts some great comedic and action sequences on top of the romance. Which makes it a must-watch anime in the romance genre.


Next up on the list is “Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro”. It’s a 12-episode-only short anime that packs a lot of humorous romance as well as moments that are full of emotions. The story revolves around a girl named Nagatoro and her senpai, who’s more of an introverted guy. Which makes him an easy target for his class fellows and ends up being teased by them. 

Even though he’s Nagatoro’s senpai, she doesn’t back off from seeking ways just to tease the poor guy. Nagatoro’s senpai soon stops getting irritated by her actions, and starts liking her instead. This is where the humorous romance starts between the two. This anime is a fun and quick watch as it only has one concise season.


This anime from the name sounds kind of weird, but rest assured that this short 12-episode mini-anime series has everything one expects from a show that revolves around two strangers falling for each other. Akari and Jirou are the two main protagonists of this romance anime. Akari and Jirou are high schoolers and happen to be in the same school play. Both get the role of a married couple even though in the start, their love interests are different. 

At first, they were hesitant and shy with each other. But the more they start to spend time together, the more they get serious about the bond both of them possess. The anime shows a growing relationship that started from friendship, moreover, it’s full of laughable scenes along with romance.


This anime is relatively different as it is more of a middle school romance in a distinctive way. The anime features a boy named Kou Yamori, who’s a middle school student but has health and psychological issues such as insomnia, What is love? Soon enough, he meets a girl who happens to be a vampire and goes by the name Nazuna. 

The girl assures him to cure his health problems, however, it requires a bite from a vampire. Only the one he actually loves, from here his mission to become Nazuna’s lover starts. You can expect romance, introspection, and fun moments from this anime. This is plenty enough for an anime that has 12 episodes. 


This anime features a guy named Kyoya Hashiba, who wishes to become one of the biggest game creators on the planet. However, things were not in his favor, and he found himself jobless soon after his company became bankrupt. The guy with nothing on his hands but regret goes back to his hometown where he used to live before shifting elsewhere. 

While he was in despair and feeling unhappy with his life decision on his bed, something unusual happened. The moment he wakes up, he finds himself a decade back in his life. The anime tries to tell the importance of 2nd chances through the incredible storyline of Kyoya Hashiba’s life. 


This anime is based on the fantasy genre but also has a fair share of romance that starts between two best friends, Hinata Tachibana, and Tsukasa Jinguuji. The guy always finds himself unlucky around women and never gets a girlfriend. With the burden of countless failures, he wishes to turn into one of the most attractive and charming girls. 

To make his wish come true, he gets thrown into a different realm, where Tachibana and his best friend Tsukasa have to complete the given task. Both start to develop feelings for each other on this journey, turning the storyline towards romance from fantasy. 


Nisekoi has a comedic romance theme and an enjoyable storyline featuring two high schoolers. Fathers of both Raku and Chitoge run their own gangs and are rivals with each other. To keep the peace between both parties, they decide to make Raku and Chitoge date with each other. So the peace remains intact, even though Raku has feelings for someone else. 

He and Chitoge still play the girlfriend and boyfriend game to keep their fathers from fighting with each other. While playing such a game, they actually start to feel for each other and fall into a comedic romance rollercoaster that’s worth a watch.


Toradora features Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, both are students of the school. However, Taiga is a high-temper short girl who’s famous for always being in the mood for a good fight. Ryuuji and Taiga end up meeting with each other and share their crush on each other’s best friends. Since both have crushes and also own distinctive personalities from other school fellows. They decide to help each other out to get the one they secretly love.

Toradora packs characters that are special and have good chemistry, so the anime doesn’t feel like a mess. Overall, the anime has one of the greatest romantic moments one can possibly think of. 


Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun is an interesting anime that has a comedic romance theme to appeal to a wider audience. A high school student named Chiyo Sakura tries her luck by asking her crush for a date. The guy, possessing a highly irresistible personality, instead gives her an autograph. In a weird turn of events, the guy was actually the author of an immensely popular manga written for teenage girls. 

Later on, the girl ends up becoming his assistant, which kick-starts the love story of these two lovely characters with charismatic personalities and great humor. On top of that, the whole story wraps up nicely in 12 episodes and doesn’t feel like they were dragged too far.


Your Name is an anime movie and not a series, however, this is one of the best anime romance movies that gained international recognition and highly positive ratings due to its unique concept of romance with high-quality animated visuals. The story revolves around two characters that are Mitsuha, a high-schooler, and Taki, a student residing in the congested Tokyo. 

The girl lives in a rural town, far away from Taki. Unexpectedly, one day somehow the bodies of both characters switch with each other and this keeps happening frequently. Both get to know each other in such a surprising way and end up getting attached. The movie has its moments of laughter and confusion, but soon enough things take a drastic turn and the movie becomes an emotional rollercoaster. How does it end? Well, that is on you to watch and find out yourself.


Crafting such type of content sure requires more than just skills, you have to emotionally invest yourself to create such heart-touching stories. Especially when the genre has to be love/romance, and the list that we have compiled is full of that. The level of romance depicted in these anime features is praiseworthy and well worth the period spent watching. 

Each mentioned anime tells its tale in its own distinct way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re watching the same over and over. So, that was all about the best romance anime suggestions. Hopefully, most of them if not all will definitely hit you deeply as intended.

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