Best Case for RTX 4070

Best Case for RTX 4070
Best Case for RTX 4070 (Image: © GeekyWhat)

With the graphic cards constantly evolving, Nvidia has come up with a new much highly anticipated powerhouse, featuring the RTX 4070 which is already set on changing the landscape of the gaming world once again. The new flagship holds incredible potential for performance and new groundbreaking advancements featuring real-time ray tracing as well as artificial intelligence. It is important that when we’re building a gaming build or a build focused on being a high-performance workstation, it is crucial to pick the correct components which are compatible with the case itself. The case is the main housing which acts as the infrastructure for the entire system that is being assembled inside it. The size of the casing can also determine whether different components will fit or whether they’ll be incompatible.

Similarly, emphasis has been placed on conducting proper research for picking the appropriate PC casing that is compatible with all your components and can provide good airflow for cooling as well as aesthetics for the enthusiasts that have a taste for their builds looking unique with RGB bling. We have prepared a comprehensive list of cases that offer a great balance between performance and aesthetics and will gladly accommodate a powerhouse like Nvidia’s RTX 4070 series graphic card

Best Case for RTX 4070 Summary

Image Model Price
Corsair 4000D Airflow Corsair 4000D Airflow See on Amazon
Corsair iCUE 5000X Corsair iCUE 5000X See on Amazon
Phanteks Eclipse P600S Phanteks Eclipse P600S See on Amazon
HYTE Y60 HYTE Y60 See on Amazon
HYTE Y40 HYTE Y40 See on Amazon
Phanteks Eclipse P400A Phanteks Eclipse P400A See on Amazon

Best Case for RTX 4070 At a Glance:

Best Case for RTX 4070 Reviews

Corsair 4000D Airflow (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair 4000D Airflow


Tempered Glass panel at side

GPU clearance of 360 mm

Support for 360mm radiators

Comes with dust filters

Mesh design for airflow


It could feature more USB ports on front I/O

The pricing is on the premium side

No pre-equipped fans

Comes in only two colors

The Corsair 4000D airflow is a mid tower chassis that is available in one of two colors, either black or white. The casing has been specially designed by Corsair by keeping a strong emphasis on a design structured around airflow and supreme cooling abilities. The airflow design is very apparent at just the first look where you’ll be able to see a front panel with triangle perforations with gaps towards the side of the panel to allow ample amount of airflow to flow through the perforated panel as well as the side gaps, flowing directly into the casing through the front after passing through the front intake fans (optionally installed) and then being filtered by the dust filter. The roof panel also features perforations for an ample amount of airflow combined with a magnetic dust filter which is overlaid on top of the perforations in order to filter the air and reduce the possibility of dust accumulating inside your chassis. Three 120mm fans can be mounted at the front of the panel with support for either two 120mm fans or two 140mm fans at the roof of the chassis. Additionally, it can support and allow for the installation of 360mm radiators at the front with the provided option of installing a radiator up to 280mm at the roof of the panel.

It does an excellent job with aesthetics by having the power supply mounted at the bottom behind a shroud with a tempered-glass panel on the side which provides an immersive viewing experience into the system and allows a user to admire the aesthetics of their build. In terms of technical specifications, the case measures 466mm x 453mm x 230mm with a total weight of 7.85 KG. It can accommodate a total of 4 storage devices, both 3.5” and 2.5” drives installed in their respective drive bays. In terms of permitted clearance for certain components, it can support CPU coolers with a maximum height of 170mm as well as power supplies with a maximum length of 220mm. When installing a graphics card, installing a powerhouse like Nvidia’s RTX 4070 should be no trouble at all thanks to the 360mm of GPU clearance which allows for a hassle-free installation and fitment.

Corsair iCUE 5000X (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair iCUE 5000X


Four Tempered Glass panels across the case

GPU clearance of 400 mm

Support for three 360mm radiators

Comes with dust filters

Supports E-ATX motherboard form factor


Lots of tempered-glass panels everywhere

The pricing is on the premium side

Does not have a mesh design for airflow

Comes in only two colors

The Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB is a mid tower chassis that is available in one of the two colors, either black or white. It is clear that Corsair has designed the architecture of the casing around providing a crystal clear immersive view of the system which will be installed inside the Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB as in terms of the design, it features a whopping four tool-less tempered-glass panels which are installed on the front side of the panel, both of the sides as well as on top of the roof of the casing. 

Airflow has not been completely neglected in favor of the aesthetics as the front tempered glass panel still has gaps towards the side of the panel which can still allow an ample amount of airflow to flow through, similarly the tempered-glass panel installed at the roof of the case also has gaps to allow for air to flow through and ventilate the case. Four tempered-glass panels provide with a unique perspective when it comes to admiring the aesthetics of your installed components and hardware inside the case which are viewable from four different angles thanks to the crystal clear tempered glass panels. Additionally, all of the channels through which the air can flow are protected by dust filters, ensuring that dust does not penetrate inside the case and settle on your components.

One of the key aspects of the Corsair 5000X RGB is the fact that it comes pre-equipped with three SP RGB elite fans with support for up to ten 120mm fan mounts as well as compatibility with three separate 360mm radiators which can be installed in separate locations, over-achieving in the department of aesthetics as well as its cooling abilities and support. It comes pre-included with the Corsair Smart RGB Lighting Node which allows you to synchronize the RGB lighting across a total of six fans through the lighting node or through Corsair’s software itself. In terms of technical specs, the case measures 520mm x 520mm x 245mm, allowing powerful graphic cards such as the Nvidia’s RTX  4070 to fit inside the case comfortably thanks to the maximum permitted GPU length being around 400mm, providing plenty of space for the graphics card.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S (Image credit: Amazon)

Phanteks Eclipse P600S


Tempered side Glass-panel

GPU clearance of 435mm

Support for 360mm radiator

Equipped with dust filters

Supports ATX motherboard form factor

Pre-equipped with three 140mm fans with an option for RGB 140mm fans


The design may not be appealing to everyone

The pricing is on the premium side

No dust filter for the roof

Could use more ports on the I/O

The Phanteks Eclipse P600S is a mid tower chassis that is available in four different colors, ranging from Black, White, Grey, and Matte-White, providing users with a lot of customizability in terms of aesthetics due to the different color choices provided, allowing different types of themes to be made possible in terms of aesthetics. The Phantek Eclipse P600S is designed with two key aspects, its desire to be a high-performing chassis combined with the fact that it desires to be silent at the same time, providing the ultimate hybrid option with a mix of performance and silence. The chassis features sound-proofing panels as well as Phanteks high-airflow fabric which is able to provide high performance at minimal noise. It comes integrated with two interchangeable modes which allow the Phanteks P600S to switch to the silent mode which keeps the case quiet thanks to the weight-reinforced acoustic panels that can minimize the unwanted noises. Contrary to the silent mode, it can also be switched to the high-performance mode by simply removing the acoustic panels which as a result reveal Phantek’s high-airflow fabric mesh and allow for better airflow and ventilation throughout the case, allowing hardware to run cooler and perform better.

In terms of aesthetics, the Phanteks P600S features a glass panel on the side which provides you with the opportunity to view your system hardware and components and admire the overall aesthetics of it. The front panel can allow different configurations, once the acoustic panel is removed from the front for performance mode, the mesh fabric left behind can display all three of the 120mm/140mm intake fans which can be installed at the front. The Grey & Black colors come pre-equipped with three 140mm fans whereas the Matte-White color variant comes pre-equipped with three RGB 140mm fans. Additionally, the fans can be installed into a universal fan hub which can be synchronized with the motherboard. Speaking technically, the case measures 240mm x 520mm x  510mm with support for motherboards of ATX size. One of the key aspects is the maximum permitted GPU length which is around 435mm, allowing for compatibility with powerhouses such as Nvidia’s RTX 4070 series graphics card.

HYTE Y60 (Image credit: Amazon)



Unique and aesthetic case

Performs quietly

Easy cable management

Space for many SATA drives

Quick and easy installation of PSU

It comes included with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable


Very expensive

Mediocre thermal performance

The Hyte Y60 has quickly taken the market by storm for being the most popular option for users that are looking for an aesthetic case design to showcase their fancy PC components. It includes a panoramic wrap-around glass design which was designed specifically for aesthetics first and performance second. However, it does come up with very high-end features and instead of two glass panels like standard PC cases, the Hyte Y60 comes with an additional glass edge that adds up to three glass panels. 

The Hyte Y60 comes in a variety of colors such as red, black, and white, and fits all form factors of motherboards from mini-ITX all the way to the mighty E-ATX size. A PCIe 4.0 riser cable is also included with the case which makes up for the value of the case and encourages users to vertically mount their graphics card to showcase its glamor. Three pre-installed fans are also included in the case and the case adopts an airflow that is from downward to upwards which allows hot air from the graphics card to be expelled from the top and rear of the case. To add, the maximum graphics card clearance for this case is 375 mm which incorporates almost all sizes of graphics cards.

Coming to the front panel I/O, this case has two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and a single USB 3.2 Type-C port along with the standard audio/microphone jack and power button. For the cooling department, you can add three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator on the top, two 120mm or 140mm fans or radiator on the side, and a single 120mm rear fan. Additionally, all panels are meshed with dust filters along with a hidden compartment in the back to hide the power supply and cables.

However, a few things in this PC case needs some consideration. For instance, when building in this case, you will definitely need to remove the rear fan to install the motherboard. Overall, for functionality and aesthetics, it doesn’t lack anywhere and is a very cleverly designed case that will allow a very clean and aesthetic PC build. 

To summarize, the Hyte Y60 is a case that revolves mostly around aesthetics and stands out amongst the other cases available in the market but it comes with a hefty price tag.

HYTE Y40 (Image credit: Amazon)



Great design and aesthetic

Great building experience

Supports vertical GPU mounting

It comes included with PCIe 4.0 riser cable

Great thermals


Can only support one 3.5-inch SATA drive

Does not support E-ATX motherboards

No 360mm support on the side

A little expensive compared to other models including the riser cable

The Hyte Y40 is a splendid mid tower case for motherboards with mini-ITX, micro-ATX, and ATX form factors. This case accommodates large graphics cards including the mighty RTX 4090 from Nvidia. It offers a fish tank or wrap-around design which is very similar to the Hyte Y60. Just like the Hyte Y60, this case is centered around those buyers who want to show off their PC components at the expense of better thermals. This is more affordable than the Y60 case and like the Y60 it comes in three color variants, red, black, and white. 

This case does not have an antechamber unlike the Y60 and the standard PCIe slots for horizontal mounts are 6 half-heights and the vertical mount is 4 half-heights which can even fit the beefy RTX 4090 while still including a decent amount of airflow space between the card and the glass panel. It offers a maximum GPU length of 422mm and features a cable shelf that provides a way to seat your cables along with several hooks and channels for managing the cables.

The case comes included with two 1300 RPM 120mm fans with fan and radiator support of up to 280mm for the side, 360mm for the top, and the standard 120mm for the rear. Fans can also be mounted at the bottom of the case under the PSU shroud which can act as the intake fan. The front I/O is liked as well as it includes two USB 3.0 ports along with a single USB 3.2 Type-C port and the standard audio/microphone jack. 

The case incorporates dust filters for both the plastic pop-off top and rear side panels. Furthermore, coming to SATA drives, there is only limited space allowing only either two 2.5-inch drives or a single 3.5-inch drive so this case isn’t really designed for adding a lot of SATA drives.

In summary, this case has a sleek aesthetic and features a decent amount of ventilation, and is more traditional looking compared to the Y60. The Hyte Y40 does have some slight downsides such as thermal performance, but regarding how much it offers, it makes it a decent case to pair with the RTX 4070.

Phanteks Eclipse P400A (Image credit: Amazon)

Phanteks Eclipse P400A


Very good airflow

Great RGB fans

Great design

Easy to build experience

Can install lots of drives


Very similar to the old model

Dated front I/O

No vertical GPU mounting

Does not support 240mm AIO for the top

The Phanteks Eclipse P400A is the updated version of the original Eclipse P400 but features an open mesh design for the front panel. The P400A supports motherboards of all sizes such as mini-ITX, microATX, ATX, and E-ATX form factors, and comes in two color variants, black and white.

The P400 has a large graphics card clearance of 420mm and the case dimensions are 210x465x470mm. It comes included with three Phanteks D-RGB fans that can be controlled by the motherboard or via an integrated RGB controller that is embedded on the front I/O. However, Phanteks also offers a variant without the RGB fans and users can opt for the non-RGB fan variant of the P400A that comes included with two standard case fans. 

The top I/O consists of two USB 3.0 ports, an audio and microphone jack, and a power button. Furthermore, on the underside of the top panel, you can find an RGB controller to change the lighting of the RGB case fans. Cable management is overall decent with plenty of cable tie points and velcro straps to manage the cables and this case supports up to six SATA drives for storage.

For cooling, the P400A supports three 120mm fans in the front as well as an AIO given that it is 60mm thick and the hard drive cage removed. Two 140mm fans can also be fitted alternatively along with the option of two 120mm or 140mm for the top. The rear only supports a single 120mm fan. However, do note that you cannot install an AIO on the top of the case because there are no mounting points offset enough to install an AIO, and neither does it have a removable radiator bracket on the top, unlike the Enthoo Evolv. 

The P400A also does not support vertical graphics card mounting although you can purchase a bracket accessory for doing so. Overall, the thermals of this case are great and are definitely a great choice if you want to keep your beefy graphics cards such as the RTX 4070 or 4090 cool even under load. 

Ultimately, the P400A is a decent chassis with great airflow and a simple aesthetic but lacks some of the latest features such as vertical GPU mounting and USB Type-C port for the front I/O.


In conclusion, the RTX 4070 is a formidable graphics card that requires sufficient cooling and space in order to accommodate a graphics card of this size since the RTX 4000 series card is much bigger and longer compared to the older graphics cards. Throughout this article, various aspects of a PC case were discussed from sleek modern designs to robust cooling solutions offered by a variety of cases. By evaluating these various aspects, you can make a better and more informed decision regarding the case you’re looking for.

For instance, the Hyte Y40 and Hyte Y60 cases are very popular these days due to their unique aesthetic design that no manufacturer has done before or you might prefer the minimalism and superb airflow of the Corsair 4000D. The Phanteks Eclipse P400A is also a great case choice if you care about drive storage support and some nice included RGB fans.

In the end, the ideal case for the RTX 4070 is the case that aligns with your specific needs and we trust that this article has provided you with the guidance to help you find the case that not only accommodates and showcases your PC components but also enables optimal performance for components like the RTX 4070.

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